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Why Us

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Why Is Safe Umbrella Healthcare Your Best Choice?

Choosing us means you are also choosing:

  • Experience

    Safe Umbrella Healthcare is a company that is Canadian-owned and privately operated since 2009.

  • Personalized Service

    We conscientiously assess your needs and develop your personalized care plan. We will match the skills of our employees to your specific health care needs.

  • Trained Personnel

    When hiring employees, we look for individuals who are professional, compassionate, respectful, and responsible.

  • Complimentary Initial Assessment a Qualified Nurse

    You can take advantage of Safe Umbrella’s PSW Care which is actively case managed and supervised by Nurses without any additional charge. At the start of services, we provide a no-charge initial assessment by a Nurse. Throughout the course of providing care in the succeeding weeks, we will conduct a scheduled bi-weekly assessment which helps us keep the patient’s care plan up-to-date.

  • Consistent Quality and Cost-Efficiency

    We endlessly strive to provide excellent services. You will find that Safe Umbrella Healthcare is the most affordable healthcare provider in the Ontario area.