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Safe Umbrella Healthcare strives to deliver excellent care to our patients at all times. We offer hourly care as well as extended care schedules depending on the patient’s needs.

We offer a wide array of healthcare services that include:

  • Caregiver assisting an old manHome Health Care
    Home Health Care is when structured health services are brought straight to your home. It extends your ability to remain in your own residence and preserve the level of your independence. Some of the services include post-surgery care, hospice and palliative care, memory care, diabetes care, and physiotherapy.
  • An old man and caregiverDementia / Alzheimer’s Care
    We provide Alzheimer’s Care / Dementia Care 24 hours a day. This service is provided by nurses and personal support workers with the training and experience that makes them adept care providers for those with chronic memory impairments.
  • Caregiver assisting an old woman drinking waterBrain Injury Care
    For patients who suffer from traumatic brain injury, we understand your delicate situation. We assign brain injury care nurses so that all your unique needs are appropriately addressed. This care program can be provided in your home so you can continue your recovery without having to leave your residence.
  • Caregiver assisting an old womanChronic Pain Management
    Our nurses are trained in providing chronic pain management for home-bound patients. We focus on providing relief from chronic pain. There are also different techniques and methods that will help the patient cope better with the adverse symptoms of certain illnesses.
  • An old man and caregiverRespite Care
    We know how caregivers are so focused on caring for their loved one but like every one of us, they also need to take a break and recharge their energy. Respite Care benefits family members who stepped up to the responsibility of caregiving. This is a tough and demanding role as it is. With respite care, these caregivers are given a chance to rest, see their friends, or attend support groups in the community. All the while, their loved one receives continuous care even in their absence because qualified professionals are temporarily taking over their duties.
  • An old woman and caregiverPalliative Care
    Has your loved one been diagnosed with a terminal illness? This usually requires hospice or palliative care. To aid you in your situation, you can turn to our dedicated healthcare professionals. We will develop a customized palliative care plan that is adapted to the current stage of the illness. We also provide support for family members in the process because a terminal illness not only affects the patient, but it also affects the whole household.
  • An old woman and caregiver drinking coffeeCompanionship
    Companions from Safe Umbrella Healthcare are available to assist you with your medical appointments and when you visit your friends outside your home. They can also keep you company during quite afternoons when you just want to read a book or do arts and crafts. Aside from the socialization benefits of companionship, clients are also provided with safety supervision at home.
  • An old womanMedication Reminder
    Reminders are always helpful! When you or your loved one easily forgets to take prescription medications as scheduled, our caregivers will remind you about this important task in a friendly and respectful manner. We do our part in helping you improve your medication compliance so you can recover faster.
  • mother cuddling her baby while talking to a pediatricianPediatric Care
    Do you need a little help in caring for your little one? We have healthcare staff members who are experienced and trained in providing pediatric care. We ensure that your children are given the supportive care they require, especially if they are medically fragile or developmentally disabled. We can also arrange for special needs care.
  • Caregiver holding a foot of an old womanFoot Care
    Your feet are some of the most vulnerable body parts that are affected if you have arthritis, nerve damage issues, or diabetes. Seniors also experience a lot of foot problems and it affects their mobility and quality of life. To address this need, we have foot care nurses who are specially trained in foot care which includes toenail clipping, foot massages, treating calluses, and diabetic wound care.
  • Caregiver and old womanLive-In Caregivers
    There are some instances when hourly caregiver visits just aren’t enough. If you or your family member requires 24/7 care, you can opt for Live-In Caregivers to be assigned to your case. Live-in care brings the convenience of uninterrupted care because you will always have a personal support worker or a nurse around the house. The quality of care stays consistent too because you receive one-on-one attention from the same care professional. He or She can effectively keep track of any changes in your health and coordinate with your physician about your health status.
  • Retirement HomesRetirement Homes
    Senior individuals living in retirement homes are often capable of caring for themselves most of the time. However, they may require assistance with difficult tasks. In these situations, our caregivers can provide the required assistance to make things as easy for them as possible. We can even facilitate recreational activities and opportunities for seniors to socialize and enjoy.
  • Thumbs up for nursing homesNursing Homes
    Individuals living in nursing homes often require medical care that cannot be rendered in their own homes but is not that serious to confine them in hospitals. Our nurses are proficient in providing skilled nursing care to residents in nursing homes. Along with medical care, they can also render non-medical assistance when necessary.
  • HospitalHospitals
    Our healthcare team also cares for patients who are confined in hospitals. These clients often require all-around medical attention. To aid in their recovery, the appropriate medical care is provided by our experienced and registered nurses.
  • Independent Living ResidencesIndependent Living Residences
    Senior residents of independent living residences often retain their total independence since they do not need support with activities of daily living nor skilled care. However, they can engage our services for community integration, socialization, and other support services that contribute positively to their independent living situations.

One or more of the services may be included in your care plan. Your needs are unique so we make sure that your care plan is personalized to accommodate them. Your needs are determined via assessments conducted by our nurse case manager. New patients receive a thorough initial assessment while all clients receive a monthly assessment to address their ever-changing necessities.

We are available to respond to your inquiries about our care. Feel free to talk to us at 416-604-7750.